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Supervisors use the following checklist to assess the environments and the caregivers' performance.

Entry doors kept locked at all times.
Entry way is neat, clean, and free of debris.
Soiled diapers disposed of properly.
Outside container clean, bagged, and well-kept with lid in place.
Any potentially dangerous items or tools are kept well out of the reach of children.
All stairways neat, clean and free of debris.
All kitchen areas kept clean, swept and mopped.
All appliances are kept clean inside and out and are kept free of clutter.
All food is stored in proper containers with lids when necessary.
All refrigerated foods are either discarded or frozen at week-end.
Children are appropriately bibbed.
Fire extinguishers are easily accessible in kitchen areas.
All children are well groomed with clean hands and faces.
All children are appropriately clothed with clean and dry clothing.
Recordings are kept of diaper changing.
When a diaper check is performed, each child is found to be diapered properly and securely and cleaned from prior change.
Diapering areas are well kept and clean.
All babies diapers are properly kept with labels.
Bathrooms are clean, disinfected and well lit.
Soap, toilet tissue and potty seats are available and within child's reach.
Hand towels are available.
Rubber gloves available.
Bleach and water spray solution and towels are available for cleaning.
All play areas are organized and well kept.
All toys and games are clean and in good repair.
Age appropriate toys and games are available to all development levels.
There is an area for quiet play.
The outside play area is well kept and free of debris.
All cribs or beds are in good repair with clean bedding.
All cribs or beds are positioned in a safe manner.
Each child has his/her own assigned sleep area.
Each child's extra clothing is properly labeled and stored.
Coat room is easily accessible to children w/space for each child.
All children's records with emergency #'s are readily accessible.
All security cameras are on and in working condition.
A first-aid station is easily accessible and properly filled.
Blocks are found on all electrical outlets.
Smoke and CO detectors are in proper working condition.
Clocks are in working condition.
All lighting is in working condition.
Children are well supervised and controlled.
Caregiver displays a good rapport with the children.
Caregiver treats each child fairly and with respect.
Caregiver interacts well with all age groups.
Caregiver displays a genuine love and concern for each child.
Caregiver enforces all policies, procedures and rules of DTC.
Caregiver is keeping to all daily scheduled activities and menus.
Caregiver has made provisions for adequate lunch and snack time drinks.
Caregiver is well groomed and in proper uniform (cleaned and pressed).

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