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The following are answers to questions that Donna's Tender Care frequently gets asked.

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Are you licensed by the state?

Do you accept vouchers?

What age children do you accept?

What type of learning activities do you provide?

Do the parents get a copy of the lesson plan?

Will I receive a report on my child's progress?

Is there a way for me to make suggestions?

How does the caregiver maintain discipline?

What if my child doesn't like the other kids or they pick on him/her?

Can I call and/or visit during the day?

What if I need to have someone else pick my child up?

What items will I be expected to provide?

What if I breast feed?

What if my child wants to bring his/her own toys?

Can I bring my child in his/her p.j.'s?

What happens when we are ready to potty train?

What type of training do caregivers have?

Do you perform background checks on the caregivers?

How do you know that the caregiver is performing her duties properly?

If my caregiver needs to miss a day(s), do I have to keep my child home?

Will my caregiver be allowed to have visitors while tending to my child?

How will I know what my child will be eating?

Is there a scheduled nap time?

What happens if my child is sick or needs medication?

If my child is sick or we take a day off, do I still have to pay forthat time?

What are my payment options?

What process do I follow when I am ready to terminate care?


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